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I'm a pretty princess. See that tiara? You're jealous.




Canada's Butt Pimple


Isabella dela Vega Patrick Mann

Her name reminds me of mermaids. 8D Mermaids? WTF are you smoking?

Naya is a crazy bitch who married Dai and has a pet cockroach named Paco, who Tonberry is deathly afraid of. Also, she ahs a tiara, and is therefore much cooler than you. Even if Bix stole it. She'll give it back at some point. Promise.

Also, she's gay for Kage.

Characters Edit

Isabella: Isabella is an OC from the Vampire: The Masquerade LARP. A Lasombra, she's set her sights on Haine, and claimed Praxis over the ship. Just in case...


Dropped CharactersEdit

Patrick: He's a god damn Christian what do you expect? Totally not in relations with Guy Mann. Seriously. Also, very gay for Remy. And he's gone now.

Bella Swan-Cullen: A sparkly twatwaffle.

December: December is an OC who is adorable and loevs snow!

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