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Niamh is nine or ten, with fair skin. Her hair is long, wavy, and very dark, and her eyes are a blue/grey color. She is somewhat small, due to an unusual diet, but surprisingly clean for someone who sleeps in trees.

Canon Information Edit

Niamh's world is a land full of superstitions, and they are not unfounded - outside the boundaries of the few human settlements are things that come out in the night, things you might not want to hear of. Things that lurk in the forests, catch you if you go out too far.

But, as humans are naturally inclined to explore and because the woods have a variety of important resources, there are always those that do go out. Unfortunately, one of these was a pregnant woman - and, unfortunately, her time came while she was outside her village, and she was forced to birth a daughter under a red moon and beneath the trees.

Fearing the newborn because of aforementioned superstitions, the woman abandoned the child and fled back home. She dared not speak of the incident, and told her family that she had miscarried, feeling it to be not quite a lie - surely the baby would die, alone, in that forest, where the malevolent spirits had already corrupted her.

But the child did not die. The spirits she met were not all malevolent, and they took her in, cared for her. She was named Niamh by the forest, and became its beloved child.


Niamh seems unnaturally connected to nature and the supernatural - but she was, after all, raised by spirits. She reportedly can "speak" to trees, vines, etc., and also enjoys "speaking" to invisible creatures (pookas).

She does have one definite power, though - she can infuse any object with light, which is really handy when you need a flashlight.

Niamh's guardian spirit, the pooka goat Boc, is always with her. She certainly seems positive of his existence, yet he is invisible (and mostly intangible) to anyone else. There are times, though, when he may manifest himself to assist her.

She claims to be able to see other people's pookas, and will speak to/of them as such; and she appears to be able to understand rudimentary animal languages.

Elegante Edit

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Relationships Edit

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