Limited Time Only.


Deck 9




Alexandria Library; The Gallery; The Black Pearl

"Price is pretty steep. Effects don't last forever. You use it a while, then you get over it, or you give and you give until there ain't nothin' left." - Kage

Nirvana is a shop on Deck 9 wherein people can go to find a state of true happiness, whatever that means to them … at a very, very steep price. They must bring a material object with them as payment. The more attached they are to the material object, the longer this sense of supreme bliss and enjoyment will last. All good things come to an end, though, and when it does, the object will disappear, presumably never to be found again.

The exchange rates of Nirvana are extremely strict. If it is an item the character is unlikely to lose sleep over, the item or effect purchased will not last long at all, if indeed it is accepted as payment in the first place. Please contact a mod if you wish to have your character visit Nirvana to determine how long their supreme happiness will last!

Nirvana does not accept anything found on deck 12 as currency.



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