A dance in celebration of how awesome Otana and Schu are.

(17:36:05) Schunobi: /o/

(17:36:07) lovely annelid: FFFFFFFFF

(17:36:12) flingintoalake: \o\

(17:36:12) Schunobi: \o\

(17:36:16) Schunobi: \o/

(17:36:17) flingintoalake: /o/

(17:36:21) flingintoalake: \o/

(17:36:24) you do not IM me: you sunk my battleship

(17:36:25) flingintoalake: /o\

(17:36:32) kanemarufan entered the room.

(17:36:35) you do not IM me: c-c-c-c-combo breaker

(17:36:36) Schunobi: *this is the Otana and Schu are awesome dance*

(17:36:43) flingintoalake: *yes, yes it is*

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