Sinking-ship This character is no longer on the boat. But they do have a rather lovely page, don't you think?

Patrick Mann
Amd anthony-rapp
This is Patrick Mann




January 24, 1985



Arrival Date

July 5, 2009


2291 (Deck 11)


Original Character


Anthony Rapp




Patrick Mann was on a boat!

Canon information Edit


Elegante Edit

You are here.

Relationships Edit

Kage: Gay for

Remy: Also gay for

Background Edit

Patrick grew up in a nice New England town. His childhood was average. Married but aloof parents with the typical 2.5 children (his youngest brother Daniel died when he was twelve in a freak accident involving Drano and a skateboard). When he was eighteen, he and his sister, Elizabeth attended Harvard; Patrick for Law, and Elizabeth on a Soccer Scholarship. Halfway through his second year of school, Patrick attended a seminar on religion and found his true calling; God.He left Harvard to attend a Seminary. Once he graduated, he found a church to devote his time and passion to. As a hardcore Christian, Patrick has stern views on homosexuality. But the stresses of coaching one of his church members through their fluctuating sexuality led him to alcohol.Now, Patrick spends his days preaching and his nights drinking himself into a stupor.

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