Pickles the Drummer
This is not Pickles






Mid to late thirties






6366 (Deck 7)




Too fucking drunk



Pickles is the most famous drummer alive. Don't compare yourself to him, because he is guaranteed 100% more famous than you, unless you are Jesus or something.

Possibly even then.

Canon Information Edit

Dethklok Edit

The band Pickles currently plays for. A death metal band, Dethklok is the most popular and influential force on the planet. They're the world's 7th largest economy and growing. No one fucks with them, because if you fuck with Dethklok, their fans will destroy you. For instance, the Governor of Florida refused to dedicate a holiday to front man Nathan Explosion, and he was promptly lynched. (And, of course, Nathan won by write-in in the subsequent election.) Or, for another example, the UN allowed Dethklok to form their own personal militia used to take down people who illegally downloaded their music.

tl;dr: Dethklok is more awesome than your character or anything they ever have or will do. Sorry.

Personal History Edit

Pickles is a billionaire. An alcoholic, spoiled, border-line retarded billionaire. He can and will out-drink you. He's more or less immune to drugs; the same pill that Pickles uses to 'calm down' makes his bandmate into a incoherent, babbling mess.

Uh he's from Wisconsin and talks stupid like people from Wiscaaansin tend to. He used to be in a hair metal band called Snakes n Barrels, and his bandmates make fun of him for it because he looked like a girly pussy. (But hey, he was hot.)

But most of all, he's rich. Did I say that already? Yeah? Well it doesn't matter, because rich people can repeat themselves all they want.

Because they're rich.

Abilities/Powers: Drinking

Strength: Drinking

Weakness: Drinking

Personality: Likes to drink

Extra: alcohol pls

Elegante Edit

Is definitely a Jamaican kidnap boat. Pickles is Definitely Going Home, and don't try to tell him otherwise. Because seriously, he wont listen.

Relationships Edit

Nathan: Dethklok's frontman. They are not friends, however, because caring is for pussies.

Fred Cassidy: That dude who makes Ecstasy and fetches water.

Mimmi: That German chick who fetches smokes and water.

The Major: Assassin. Doesn't understand brainwashing.

Gideon: Some drummer from some other pussy band Pickles doesn't care about.

Kate: Alien chick who plays guitar.

Shaver: German douchebag with a stupid name.


This is also not Pickles

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500px|He's Pickles the Drummer and he's really really drunk.

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