An original character revised from 2000.

Reiner: The only man capable of messing up the woman without shame or guilt without even trying


Name: Reiner Vaughn Keifer
Nicknames: Reiner dear
Gender: Male
DoB: April 29 (From Lily) Age: Mid 20's
Species: Human
Languages: English, Minor: French, German & Latin
Room: Deck 6, Room 7271
PB: Craig Olejnik
Journal: Caged on the Inside
Mun: Joc

Canon information Edit

Here's Keke's summary of Reiner:
So. Reiner was born in Canada. He's ttly Canadian. And the weather sucks. But that's not the point. So, his uncle died and he kinda went CRAZY. Then he was attacked by a fucking creepy invisible dude who gave him a really shitty curse. And this curse causes him to gain the memories of a person he makes skin contact with. ...Which really sucks. Cause it hurts like a bitch and he's ALWAYS BLEEDING. It's like being on your period but WORSE. Yeah. So he went into an mental instutution for god knows how long, but it sounds kinda really boring. But he's out now! 8D And now he's on a motherfucking crazy boat. It's probably like being right back in that mental instutution.

He's also got a stalker. She's really old and blind and creepy. But she's stalking him. And he better like it. 8|

Elegante Edit

Deaths: 2
Was killed by Gail in his body due to a body switch event, but doesn't remember it ever happening. Sacrificed to Caine by Isabella dela Vega.

Warnings & Punishments: 0

Reiner can usually be found inside his room, in the library with a good chunk of books in his arms or the buffet.
Still has his golden frog, hasn't named it yet.
Had his ear devoured by Arioch, found by Jeremiah and AMU, who regrew it.
Due to the Jennifer event and the books in the library was cursed, Reiner can't remember the names of his family or if he has a sibling anymore.
Is currently in a blood bond with Isabella dela Vega.
The only people to see what's underneath his bandages: Shawn Spencer (accidentally), Isabella dela Vega, Marco Devera & Jinx.
Slept with Isabella dela Vega on September 23rd.

If selected in the Video Arcade fighting console...

  • Appears with two swords (how interesting)
  • Average in speed
  • Nothing too flashy for specials
  • Takes double damage if opponent's attack connects via skin contact
  • Alternate costume: pallet swap of reasonable colors

Relationships Edit

Gail Woodling -
Lily -
Jeremiah -
Ezekiel Lerish -
Zelda/Sheik -
Kate Starlen -
Mimmi Kopanski -
Gertie Kopanski -
Arioch -
Duke Alla -
Keats Arlend -
Nicolae Aglaeca -
11 -
Shawn Spencer -
Ezio Auditore -
Pamela -
Rfena -
Remy Whitecastle -
Herz Hessian -
Toph Bei Fong -
Sal -
Toboe -
Zoey -
Isabella dela Vega -
Marco Devera -
Anna Two -
Amaria Midesha -
Jinx -
Harley Quinn -

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