Ren doesn't talk. Ever.

Ren's timezone is really, really fucked.

Ren doesn't really go into chat.

abirdofebon @ AIM, because Ren'll talk over AIM and Ren likes birds and black, apparently. Yes, Ren likes birds.

Ren does not talk in the third person, thx.

Stop teasing Ren, plz.

Proof that Ren really does go into chat every now and then. → 1

Ren sucks at being active on the boat.

Ren sucks at signing online.

Ren lacks motivation to play right now.

Ren requires pokes in order to get anything done.

Ren needs help, and lots of it.

Ren worries about Ashelin's portrayal all the fucking time.

Ren is nothing like Ashelin and likes flowers and isn't rough and tough and tumble and bullshit.

Ren also never checks her email apparently.

Ren lives in Hawaii.

Ren works for an import video game company warehouse thingy.

Ren is really bad at writing.

Ren makes lots of silly faces.

Ren likes to go on vacations and will be going on one very soon.

Ren needs to update Ashelin's page liek woah and probably never will. Damn it all.

Characters Edit

Ren only plays Ashelin . Ren will never play anyone else.

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