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This is Reno










7317 (Deck 06)


Final Fantasy VII





Reno was on a boat!

Canon information Edit

Reno, for a start, is far more intelligent than people give him credit for. He has to be. His main talents lean towards the sciences in all their variants. He's no doctor, but he can take care of most injuries that don't require surgery. He can (albeit, crudely) pull a bullet out of a wound, but I wouldn't recommend letting him do it to you, he's a lot more accustomed to pain than most. If you put the ingredients and the right equipment in front of him, he could put together most things, more often than not he's had to build a makeshift bomb or fix an engine with the barest parts, just enough to make it work. He's great with people too, not necessarily in getting along (though he could if he wanted,) but in figuring them out and working out how to get on their bad or good side, how to get what he wants.

He's tougher than you'd expect someone with his lanky frame to be and much faster. Part talent and part excessive training have made him into an excellent fighter. He's quick and agile and much more the type to dodge a hit rather than take it on the nose. He's grown used to pain after over 6 years in his line of work, but he'll still avoid it if he can and it still hurts. Of course, avoiding pain doesn't do much when you're also the kind who likes to get up close and personal in a fight. He's been trained with various guns and often carries a handgun, but he tends to favour his fists or his EMR if he can get away with it. This shows in his choice of materia too, unlike his partner who tends to be the support, Reno favours offensive materia. Not that that'll matter anymore once he arrives.

Elegante Edit

You are here.

Relationships Edit

Kage: Gay for

Other Stuff Edit


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