You know how pretty much every computer ever has music samples? And how nearly every music sample folder has Beethoven's Symphony No. 9?

There really isn't a point to that. I just happened to be looking at the music samples.

That Stuff. About StuffEdit

  • Has a terrible, cheesy sense of humor. It is horrible. Really.
    • This doesn't stop her from attempting to tell jokes. Yes, that was a warning.
  • Loves giant transforming robots. It is a miracle she did not apply for a giant transforming robot.
  • Is anyone still reading this?
  • Does not usually write in third person. This was an experience.


  • Lives in the good old Northwestern United States. It is very wet.
    • She was very disappointed to discover that webs did not actually grow between people's toes when she was four.
  • Overuses the 8D face and bullet markers.

Unimportant NoteEdit

Yes, there is a difference between the Stuff section and the Trivia section. Somewhere.




Things That Egg Wants To Say About RickyEdit

  • Good partner in crime when editing Wikia pages without the knowledge and/or consent of the owner.
  • I always end up missing you because my sleeping schedule is jacked up, what is this ;A;
  • Can play like...three TMNT characters flawlessly
  • Should app a Transformer.

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