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Ridley is an enforcer and a leader among the dreaded scourge of the galaxy, the Space Pirates. A fierce monstrous creature that resembles the dragons of Earth's history, Ridley is a vicious, ruthless killer who shows no mercy to his enemies. Despite his lithe appearance, he's strong and fast. Worst yet, he's capable of cunning as well. He also doesn't care much for humans, given they're one of the primary races of the Galactic Federation.

Canon Information Edit

Abilities/Powers: Ridley relies on his unique biology to make him the powerful fighter he is, generally not relying on technological enhancements to fight (although he has done so in the past). As more beast than humanoid, he has heightened senses compared to humans. He is capable of surviving in extreme environments, including the immense heat of the magma-flooded caverns of Magmoor as well as the cold vacuum of space, where he is shown to be capable ot traveling great distances in unaided space travel. The result is that he is an extremely durable creature capable of taking a great deal of punishment before going down. In addition, he possesses the natural weapons of any such dangerous beast, which include a mouth full of deadly teeth, sharp claws, and a long retractable tail that functions in a manner similar to a scorpion tail. He is capable of breathing a type of fiery plasma as well. In the manga, it is shown that by consuming recently deceased creatures, he can absorb their cells and incorporate them into himself as a means of repairing wounded parts of his body.

Personality: Nobody told me I had to write this!

Extra: Or this!


  • Punishments: 1 - Three days in the brig. Punishment for killing Zelda, Kimiko, and injuring Xanxus.
  • Deaths: None!

Elegante Timeline Edit

  • July 4 - Ridley arrives. He kills Kimiko and TP!Zelda. He bites off Kevas's arm and singes Xanxus. Barricade is a stubborn mechanoid, but Moramee is a potential ally.
  • July 6 - Ridley noms on the buffet.

Relationships Edit

Other Stuff, Links Edit


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