Name: Rue
Nicknames: Polly
Gender: Male ---- DoB: N/A
Age: 5 - 6 years old
Species: Doll
Languages: English
Room: Deck 6, Room 7228
Canon: Threads of Fate aka Dewprism
Journal: Doll of Valen
Mun: Joc

Canon information Edit

Rue is a powerful, organic doll created by Valen, the most powerful of Aeons, in order to serve him. He has a gentle, honest, hard-working, brave, and humble personality (a foil to Mint's character). Rue was cast into hibernation for years until he woke up alone in a temple, confused and weak. He limped out into the snow and collapsed. Here, he was found by Claire, who took him in and cared for him. Rue grew close to Claire in the years that passed. However, he was shattered when Claire was killed in a confrontation with Doll Master, another doll created by Valen that had come to recruit Rue in an attempt to resurrect Valen. Infuriated, Rue cast Doll Master away and pined over Claire. He managed to meld her soul with his, and he then grabbed his Arc Edge (his main weapon) and began his adventure to bring her back. He heard of the relic and its powers, and went to Carona in search of it.

Elegante Edit

To be filled out later.

Relationships Edit

-To be continued-

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