Hell yes.

SucrePluie: (oh god Meth/Sam)
hellotaifoot: (And that sexdice is ten times more fun with Sam)
Padre: (<333)
SucrePluie: (A Meth/Sam ship would involve Meth being...well...Meth, and Sam sobbing uncontrollably in the corner of EVERY ROOM EVER)
Padre: (ROFL)
Padre: (Meth/Sam is now canon)
SucrePluie: (oh fuck)
Padre: (Sameth)
hellotaifoot: (Yesss)
SucrePluie: (oh my god I don't even...)

SucrePluie: Meth: Ah, can't say that's ever been a kink of mine. I prefer the shattered dreams of grown men I've broken.

Padre: (Meth broke samuel, does he count?)
SucrePluie: (.....oshi, caught in her own banter!)

More evidence here: Sexdice Logs

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