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Sergei's Bar & Grille is located on decks 10 and 9. It's been opened for passenger use. The kitchens are currently maintained by Ezekiel Lerish, Herz Hessian, and John Silver. The bar is operated by Remy Whitecastle and Marco Devera. Entertainment brought to you by Gideon Knowles and Kate Starlen. No reservations are needed! Just stop on by and someone will be there to assist you!

Sergei's was once blown up due to a cooking lesson disaster. It's since been revised and fixed up thanks to Meth Rezza.


Sergei's Bar & Grille: EAT HERE OR WE'LL KILL YOU.

It's like a zoo

Sergei's Bar & Grille: This one won't explode (or Meth will be mad again).

Sergei's Bar & Grille: We won't spit in your food. Honest.

Sergei's Bar & Grille: Hakuna Matata.

Sergei's Bar & Grille: The gayest thing on a boat filled with gay.

Sergei's Bar & Grille: NOT A GAY BAR HONEST.

Sergei's Bar & Grille: The field of flowers on deck 13 is only slightly gayer than us, which is saying something.

Sergei's Bar & Grille: No Seagulls Allowed.

Sergei's Bar & Grille: Where 700 degrees doesn't bake cupcakes twice as fast.

Sergei's Bar & Grille: Home of the Jolly Green Giant.

Sergei's Bar & Grille: We can believe it's not butter.

Sergei's Bar & Grille: Handicapable.

Sergei's Bar & Grille: We're the only people you can trust with a knife on this tub.

Pool Tables

Now with Pool Tables!

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