The kind of wrong that Elegante Chat is.

kadabralin (9:44:45 PM) has left the room.

kadabralin (9:44:53 PM) has entered the room.

kadabralin (9:45:01 PM): fuuuuck my internet

hellotaifoot (9:45:28 PM): Your internet wants to stay just friends, thanks.

kadabralin (9:45:37 PM): :|

sevenaminspain (9:45:51 PM): It knows about my affair with its mother.

kadabralin (9:45:58 PM): Gdmt Naya

hellotaifoot (9:46:10 PM): you mean the television?

sevenaminspain (9:46:15 PM): Of course.

sevenaminspain (9:46:25 PM): All those diodes... So hot.

hellotaifoot (9:46:36 PM): At least you aren't sleeping with Grandpa Telephone

hellotaifoot (9:46:47 PM): ..or would radio be first

hellotaifoot (9:46:48 PM): fack

sevenaminspain (9:46:51 PM): Ew.

kadabralin (9:46:51 PM): FFFF

tehsongsong (9:46:59 PM): And Great Great Granduncle Telegraph.

hellotaifoot (9:47:22 PM): Great Great Granduncle Telegraph is deaaaad

sevenaminspain (9:47:23 PM): Well, Cousin Atari walked in on us... It was awkward

hellotaifoot (9:47:58 PM): At least it wasn't wittle baby PS3.

sevenaminspain (9:48:23 PM): I'm no pedophile!

hellotaifoot (9:48:44 PM): But I saw you eyeing the new PS3.

hellotaifoot (9:48:50 PM): /has no idea what system you prefer lmao

tehsongsong (9:49:14 PM): Tai what would Aunt Blackberry say.  :|

sevenaminspain (9:49:20 PM): Well, I hooked up with N64 a few times, but it was just casual.

sevenaminspain (9:49:36 PM): Aunt Blackberry better not find out, because I have some blackmail on her.

sevenaminspain (9:50:00 PM): Seems Aunt Blackberry is a bit of a cougar. She's been hitting on that new kid, iPhone.

hellotaifoot (9:50:06 PM): /gaspeth!!

sevenaminspain (9:50:09 PM): If her clients knew...

tehsongsong (9:50:50 PM): oshi-

sevenaminspain (9:52:57 PM): wow wtf is wrong with us

ellopoppies (9:53:19 PM): I dunno, but it's a sexy kinda wrong

sevenaminspain (9:53:57 PM): lol

hellotaifoot (9:54:15 PM): ikr

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