Shayn was discovered by Renna and Lily in the lower decks. She convinced them to let her go and escaped to the upper decks, evading the crew and what-not. She eventually killed Jamie and turned him into a zombie. During a series of events, Shayn demanded the release of her lover, Asad, and threatened with blackmail. Once released, the two went into hiding kinda sorta and initiated their 'kidnap-passengers-subject-them-to-torture-and-blame-crew' plot. It was successful until the passengers figured everything out, got fed up with her shit and hunted her down in Carnival. Along with Asad. So now she's dead :>

Here is her app:

Shayn was born in West Virginia, the youngest and only daughter of five children. Her mother died when she was young, an incredibly scarring event. Her childhood was rough; her brothers were borderline abusive, her father didn’t much care for having a daughter in the first place. When she was 10, she discovered she had a knack for necromancy, one of the three major Arcane Arts, and the only one forbidden to American citizens. She learned to create minions—zombies she could control through with her mind. It was incredibly draining and required a lot of trial and error, but by the time she was 14, she was able to control a bobcat she’d shot. She was a typical girl, otherwise, cheerleader, class sweetheart, etc.At 16, she capitalized on the only real gift she felt she had: her looks. She hitched a ride going north with a trucker and didn’t stop until she got to New York City. She made a decent life for herself there, working as a waitress and studying necromancy. Eventually, she came to the Elegante as everyone else did. Things began to happen, and eventually, she and the others she knew were contained to a lower deck for their own safety.She doesn’t like it down there.There were more dead bodies on the upper decks, and Shayn liked that.

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