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Name: Shiba Reiichiro
Nicknames: N/A
Gender: Male ---- DoB: 6/9
Age: 17
Species: Human then Zombie then Shinigami (Death God)
Languages: Japanese (mother tongue), English, Chinese
Room: Deck 6, Room 7379
Canon: After his second "death", when the Wheel of Fortune organization focuses its attacks more directly at Z-Loan (Volume 6/7 of Zombie Loan)
Journal: Don't Love me Baby
Mun: Fin

Canon information Edit

Shiba Reiichirō is an illegal zombie, known as the "Butterfly", and an old acquaintance of Chika's. Shiba appears to be a calm, cool, agreeable, highly intellectual person, and never seems to ask too many questions. Despite this, Shiba gains the great dislike of Shito due to his suspicious vast amount of knowledge on the Butterfly case. He and Chika get along fairly well since they were best friends in middle school. He is easily bored, but with Chika in his life, things were never dull until they parted ways when they entered high school. It is revealed that he killed himself by jumping off the roof, simply because he was bored of the monotonous life he had. He is the first zombie in the series to be reaped by the Grim Reaper instead of a member of the Zombie Loan. He initially fought by projecting and controlling an ectoplasmic knife, but by volume 8, he is shown to be using a scythe. It is later revealed that he is the one who had stolen the Zarame's 'core', resulting in him turning into a fake Grim Reaper. He later sides with the ARRC.
^ Swiped from Wiki, Fin can go in to much more detail about him.

Elegante Edit

To be filled out later.

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