Song finally apped at Elegante when she realized that 3 6 of our crack pages mention her or were contributed by her (4 7 now, but this was after joining). So here she is.  Song is also known as Arison but pretty much everyone on the Failboat calls her Song so she leaves it up to you what to call her.

Song is part of the Failboat Jak Cast and that automatically makes her awesome Okay she's not part of the Jak Cast anymore but she's still awesome.  This time she has KNIVES CHAU of Scott Pilgrim variety.  She is extremely classy and a bit of a vain twit, so loves talking about herself (especially in third person).  This makes internet profiles very dangerous for her.

Also she needs to post moar and LEARN TO EDIT HER CHARACTER'S WIKIS.  B| Seriously, she will edit away at Crack entries and vandalise other people's pages but doesn't edit hers. What the hell.

Ari (9:16:46 PM): Everyone has a Food Name.

Ari (9:16:50 PM): Me, I have a Garment Name.

Current CharactersEdit

Knives Chau: Chinese-Canadian teen hipster from Toronto.

DROPPED ;w; Edit

GT Blitz:  Fabulous douchebag.

Prince Derek: Fabulous idiot.

Canadaaaaaa Edit