Song will woo you with her wonderful Nerdy Pick-Up Lines. They have been known to sway many a heart.

Mari (1:31:03 AM): you'll have to talk sexy at me so I can determine

Padre (1:31:12 AM): <_<

Song (1:31:33 AM): And I will also judge.

Song (1:31:42 AM): To provide a referential opinion.

Padre (1:31:42 AM): "Hey ladeh. If we were at the busstop I would totally throw a bottle of my liquids at your feet."

Padre (1:31:52 AM): "Yesh yesh, I wanna go to prison in your honor"

Mari (1:31:56 AM): . . .

Dai (1:31:59 AM): ...

Song (1:32:00 AM): Nonono, you need the nerdy pick up lines.

Dai (1:32:02 AM): classy PAdre

Padre (1:32:03 AM): "Lemme say your name all sexeh-like"


Mari (1:32:15 AM): fjkdsl;fjsakl;

Padre (1:32:20 AM): Ttly classy, Dai

Song (1:32:31 AM): "If I was an enzyme I would be helicase so I could unzip your genes."

Mari (1:32:37 AM): oh my god I love that line

Mari (1:32:40 AM): NNNGH ARI

Padre (1:32:44 AM): LOL.

Padre (1:33:01 AM): a year ago I came up with the only pickup line anyone ever needs

Mari (1:33:07 AM): what?

Song (1:33:17 AM): That dress would look better accelerating towards my floor at 9.8 metres per second squared.

Padre (1:33:18 AM): Are you a manufacturer of airplane seat-cushions?

Padre (1:33:26 AM): Because you're making me uncomfortably hard

Nivi (1:33:32 AM): lol

Mari (1:33:34 AM): . . .

Ano (1:33:42 AM): l-lol

Tai (1:33:43 AM):

Mari (1:33:47 AM): *DROPS PANTIES OMGGGGjk*

Padre (1:33:51 AM): I KNOW RITE

Mari (1:34:00 AM): Sorry Padre but Ari's win

Song (1:34:07 AM): <3

Padre (1:34:11 AM): ;A;

Mari (1:34:22 AM): ilu anyway

Song (1:34:23 AM): I wish I was your derivative so I could lie tangent to your curves.

Mari (1:34:26 AM): . . .

Mari (1:34:30 AM): fkla;

Padre (1:34:31 AM): -_-

Song (1:34:35 AM): /owns chat

Padre (1:34:37 AM): I lost. To math

Mari (1:34:42 AM): You diiiid.

Mari (1:34:46 AM): Quick PADRE


Padre (1:34:49 AM): T__T

Padre (1:34:53 AM): uH

Padre (1:34:55 AM): WAIT

Padre (1:34:57 AM): LEMME THINK

Song (1:34:58 AM): Mari.

Taisha (1:35:00 AM): I don't have pickup lines lol

Mari (1:35:02 AM): Yes?

Song (1:35:02 AM): You must be a dictionary.

Song (1:35:08 AM): Because you add meaning to my life.

Padre (1:35:18 AM): -_-

Mari (1:35:23 AM): jfkds;jf;dsafksf

Mari (1:35:28 AM): *is your OED bb*

Song (1:35:33 AM): <333

Mari (1:35:45 AM): <333

Padre (1:54:51 AM): so I'll be heading to bed now, people

Padre (1:54:56 AM): byes~

Song (1:54:57 AM): night Padre~

Song (1:54:58 AM): <3

Padre (1:55:01 AM): <33

Song (1:55:14 AM): You're like an exothermic reaction.

Song (1:55:19 AM): You spread your hotness everywhere.

Padre (1:55:25 AM): sdklf;lkj;ffj you bet I do

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