Sometimes Tai enters the minds of the other muns without knowing it. The results are interesting.

"Keke" (3:34:46 PM): ...what does iawtc mean

hellotaifoot (3:34:57 PM): i agree with this comment

"Magic" (3:34:57 PM): I agree with this comment

"Keke" (3:35:04 PM): oh

hellotaifoot (3:35:04 PM): . . .

"Keke" (3:35:08 PM): lmfao

"Magic" (3:35:21 PM): I didn't know for ages, either XD

"Magic" (3:35:37 PM): There should be a dictionary for all the shorthand used on the internet

"Keke" (3:35:49 PM): urban dictionary

hellotaifoot (3:35:54 PM): that

"Magic" (3:36:08 PM): I didn't think that had internet shorthand?

"Magic" (3:36:09 PM): Huh

"Sparky" (3:36:14 PM): it does

hellotaifoot (3:36:15 PM): It has everything

"Sparky" (3:36:16 PM): it has everything

"Magic" (3:36:18 PM): THE MORE YOU KNOW

hellotaifoot (3:36:21 PM): ....

"Sparky" (3:36:22 PM): Get out of my head Tai

hellotaifoot (3:36:28 PM): *is in everyone's heads today*

"Magic" (3:36:29 PM): Tai is in everyone's head

hellotaifoot (3:36:31 PM): ....

"Magic" (3:36:32 PM): .....

"Magic" (3:36:33 PM): XD

hellotaifoot (3:36:34 PM): STOP IT

"Magic" (3:36:40 PM): GET OUT OF MY HEAD, TAI

"Magic" (3:36:45 PM): /puts on tinfoil hat

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