So you're doing whatever it is you do—let's say killing bad guys—and instead of f</u>iring your blaster at th</u>e X-Nauts in, uh, the Pewter <blink>City Gy</blink><blink>m, you</i>'re sudde</a>nly firing air </blink>at a w<blink>all (be care</blink>ful, that's <blink>ne</b>w</b> wallpap</blink><blink>er) in what look</blink>s like a really nice hotel room</b>. Whoa. You've certainly never been here <blink>before.</blink><blink> </blink>

There's this little thing on your <blink>bed th</blink><blink></blink>at's a<blink>skin</blink><blink>g you to post to </blink>some thing called</i> ShipNET. Seriously, it won't shut up. So you </i>make a post, and</span></span></span></span></span></span></span> within minutes, you learn from a random voice</u> that y</a>ou're on a cruise ship called the MS Elegante, and your destination is some place called the Golden Sho<blink>re </blink><blink>("And no," the fir<i>st mate says, <u>soundi</blink>ng tired, when you ask. "It ain't the <blink>Gold Coast. People're always askin' that. </blink>It's not."). Another voice wonders how long</u> you'll survive be</i>fore your face is to</u>rn off in so<blink>me place called </b>"Cam</blink>p Carniv<blink>al" (what, you thought cruises were all sunsh</blink><blink>ine and bunnies?</blink>).

You don't know ho</a>w you go<blink>t there, or why you're there. You </blink>want answers, but the crew isn't talking. The captain asks if you like watering cans.
Yes, it's another one of those ga
Except this o</blink>ne's on a boat!

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