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Ursula is on a boat!

Canon Information Edit

Abilities/Powers: Ursula is a witch, and a granter of wishes. She has the power to transmogrify herself and other people (mermaid or otherwise), as well as to put hypnotic spells on other creatures. It is unknown how far her abilities stretch, but we do know there is a limit to her power, as she could not overthrow the power of Triton’s trident.

In addition to her magical power, Ursula is also very clever, especially when it comes to manipulating other people. She has a knack for knowing just what to say and how to say it; when to push and when to cajole, and when to be sweet and when to be harsh. Bitch is smart, and she knows her way around emotions.

Strength: Ursula has a normal amount of strength physically, but her real strength lies in her sharp wits and even sharper tongue.

Weakness: Ursula, like all Disney villains, has a healthy dose of over-confidence.

Personality: She is evil, and is good at being evil. :>

Extra: For now, Ursula is masquerading in the guise of Vanessa. Ursula has now switched back to her regular form, as she has discovered Deck 15 and has taken up residence there. However, to venture onto the rest of the boat, she will switch back to Vanessa.

Elegante Edit


Warnings & Punishments:

Relationships Edit

Hades - Highly entertaining "Lord of the Underworld". They have a relationship that boarders somewhere between grudging respect and a game of 'let's see who can insult the other better'. They're frenemies.

Herz - Eager, quick chef. Officially Ursula and Maleficent's manslaveboything.

Maleficent - BFF for life. EVIL SLEEPOVERS GET

Threads Edit

First Post

Party Log pt 1 - Hades

Party Log pt 2 - Herz

Hades's post - your hair is on fire

Maleficent's post - hay gurl hay

Second Post - brb taking over Deck 15. AKA- Maleficent and Ursula have some girl time, have Herz bring them snacks, and then Hades crashes the party. AKA- TORTURING HERZ FUNTIEMS 8D

Other Stuff, Links, AKA - Nikki is weird Edit


Video:The Disney Cell Block Tango

Video:Don't Cha (the Sexiest Disney Villains)

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