The Video Arcade~

Welcome to the Video Arcade! Located on Deck 8, behind the Kuma-Ko.

So, what can you find here? Quite alot actually.

There's a Dance Dance Revolution machine, Guitar Hero, Rock Band, Tetris, just to name a few. Even a whack-a-mole or gator, perhaps even whack-a-carnival bear or pirate~ Speaking of pirates; there's a shooting game like the House of Dead, but instead of zombies we have everything that has invaded the boat thus far; from Silent Hill monsters to Rabbit Pirates to Redeads with ears. If you're good enough, you might be able to make it in to the bonus round with the creatures of the Carnival. There's a fighting game that seems to have everyone on board as a playable character -- but beware, if you fight Redd, he'll always win.

There's even a game similar to Pac-Man but you don't play as the yellow pizza with a wedge missing, instead you are the Heron and on her quest to gather pellets, eat frogs and avoid the evil bears of the Carnival!

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