Wall Cheese McGregor


Goddamn bushbaby





Adoption Day

July 7


Otolemur crassicaudatus (bushbaby)


English, French, some Gaelic


8380 (deck 5)




Alas, I am only a bushbaby



Wall is a goddamn bushbaby. He is on a boat!

Canon information Edit

Wall Cheese McGregor was born on Martinique, a French-speaking island in the Caribbean Sea. He left his mother when he was about a year old and lived with a group of bachelor bushbabies such as himself (for some reason, females did not wish to mate with him).

One late night, the bushbaby, still just a dumb animal, stumbled upon a mermaid in a fishing net down by the docks. He sensed that she was in pain, and chewed through the net in order to free her. The mermaid, grateful to her savior, granted the bushbaby one wish. At first, he wanted to ask for some bugs to eat, but instead wished for intelligence. Oh, how he always dreamed of speaking with humans! What things they could teach him!

The mermaid gave him the intelligence to speak and comprehend the human language. The first thing he did was go to his favorite family’s home (he liked to watch them through the window before he could understand what they were saying). The woman, the mother, perhaps, said to her husband in English, "I want to hang the picture on the wall, right there." "Wall" was the only word that jumped out at the bushbaby, and he chose it to be his name.

But when he tried to speak to the family, they were frightened. The mother shrieked and the children huddled together and watched from afar. The husband threw a chair at him. Wall scampered away, depressed. He went back to the docks, seeking out the friendly mermaid, but she was long gone.

There was another woman, though, a beautiful Irish maiden by the name of Aislin McGregor. She was crying. Wall asked her why she was upset, and she told him that her long time friend and bodyguard, Daley, up and quit just an hour prior. Wall, pitying the beautiful woman, offered to be her bodyguard. Aislin was touched by his offer, and accepted. Wall left Martinique to live with her in her South Irish mansion. Wall was brought aboard the MS Elegante after living with Aislin and her sister Kayleigh for several years.

Elegante Edit

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Relationships Edit

Kage: Gay for

Other Stuff Edit

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