Name: Wei Meifeng Al-Mekto
Gender: Female
Age: 21
DoB: Unknown
Height: 5'3"
Weight: 110lb
Species: Human
Language: Al-Hebb, Common
Room: 1104 (Deck 03)
Canon: N/A
Journal: 威鳳一羽
Mun: Otana

Meifeng is a slave from Al-Hebb (yes, the same Al-Hebb as the First Mate), her slave names were numerous but her title was Al-Mekto.

Given the name Wei Meifeng (Ghost Pretty-Phoenix) on her pirate ship, the Al-Fath, she raided the M.S. Elegante with her ReDead pirates. An expert sniper with the ability to move silently along ceilings and walls, she killed several passengers before Kage devised a plan to flush her out using Al-Hebb politeness rituals by inviting her to tea. She accepted out of obligation, and while distracted was ambushed by a group of passengers who held her down while Kage prepared to behead her.

However, the heron interrupted, and Meifeng immediately stopped fighting, pleading to be allowed to become crew. The heron seemed to accept, and Redd appeared, taking from Meifeng a small red box. She was appointed the Bosun on her probationary period, and has been working on the ship ever since.

On the Elegante Edit

Deck 03, Room 1104.

Can be found all over the ship, running errands and doing odd jobs at the Captain's whim.

Relationships Edit


+ Crew

- Everyone else

Random stuff Edit

Crew Members
Autonomous Medical Unit 92-XG-3Baijznyherglert'allalax SempotyllallalligrfturgGuy MannKageMeth RezzaSiran Vahe LevonWei Meifeng Al-Mekto

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