OUT OF CONTEXT QUOTE: "Wicke" (1:22:33 PM): *stops because it's huge*

- Is 18 come August 12! Whooo?

- Needs to put on freaking pants oh my god it's freezing WTF California (what is this nonsense about pants?! D:!! /xhan THEY KEEP ME WARM DURING THE CALIFORNIA WET /wicke)

- Tends to be extremely shy about approaching people for logs, but is fine when approached!

- Wears her hair up. Ponytails/buns are neat when hair won't do anything else that lasts the day.

- Has a kitten and an adult cat. They are Tyler Durden (female, fluffy, white) and Anke (named after a wild barely-female OC, is male). They're both shits, and Tyler is responsible for most of the cuts on Wicke's hands every day. But she loves them.

- Also a dog. He's old and fat and she loves him, too.

- XHAN=BFF4EVA. Best buddy ever, in English!

- Mexican-Irish, looks more the latter. Identifies more with the first and is more comfortable hanging with her boy cousins (that is to say, grew up wrestling them).

-Currently only plays Lilith. That one really obnoxious chick who thinks she's superior to everyone and everything? Y-yeah. Wicke still is sometimes not sure how she's liked.

-Nel Zelpher

-Dickles in My Wickles


Moonie O. Brandt: OC, reluctant poster child for why experimenting on people is a bad idea

Nel Zelpher: spy and dutiful warrior hailing from SO3.

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