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This is Wolf








Canis lupus




6215 (Deck 07)


The 10th Kingdom


An very honorable wolf



Wolf was on a boat!

Canon information Edit

The 10th Kingdom plays on fairy tales and story books, with those of the Brother’s Grimm at it’s core. The basis is that there are 9 fairy-tale kingdoms. When a magic mirror leads various characters to present-day New York City, they dub it the 10th Kingdom. Due to a series of accidents, a young woman and her down-and-out janitor father are brought back through the mirror into the 9 Kingdoms. The mirror is misplaced and the father-daughter duo (with the assistance of a two-faced Wolf and a Prince-turned-golden-retriever) must track it back down in order to get home. Through many unfortunate accidents and incidents, the mirror is found and lost and found and lost, and soon becomes the least of their worries.

Through most of the series, Wolf is playing for both teams, in a literal sense of the phrase. He has made an allegiance with the Evil Queen, agreeing to hunt down and return the Prince to her, but as soon as he meets Virginia, a regular city girl out of New York, he falls instantly and desperately in love in a fashion only a wolf could. From this point on, he does his best to ignore the Queen and her orders when she attempts communication with him through her magic mirrors. Each time, he manages to keep her away and to keep Virginia out of sight, as he does not want the Queen seeing the love of his life, thus putting her in danger. For Virginia, he is willing to give up all the animalistic instincts that make him a Wolf and fight to become more human. However, as the series progresses, it becomes harder for him to fight these urges, especially when the full moon emerges…


No magic here, per se. Wolf is an honest to goodness wolf. The closest thing to an ability would be his wolfie features, such as a furry tail, eyes that change to golden orbs when irritated or excited, and canines that elongate when he is extremely hungry and out for the hunt. He also growls and howls and snarls instinctively.

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