Zelda, Princess of Hyrule
A princess and a pariah.


Zelda, Princess of Hyrule






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The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time


It reflects within my eyes.



"I... with my father gone, I must rule over Hyrule. It is a great responsibility... and honor."

Background Information Edit

Childhood Dreams Edit

"I... wanted to see what it was like, even just once, to go shopping and pay by myself and play... ...just like a normal girl."

Zelda's mother passed away when she was young, and the princess grew up with a father that was overwhelmingly skeptical and likely was not too involved with Zelda's routine schedule. She seems to have little to say on the matter, with the exception that he did not believe she was a prophet and had little faith in her visions and her foreseeing of the future. She does not hold it against him, however, and loves her father in spite of any such indication made on his part.

There's a chance that on the other hand, Zelda's mother also had abilities with regard to predicting future coming events. Before she passed away, she divulged the secrets of the Royal Family to Zelda, under the pretense that her daughter not say a word of it to any other. Although it's not specified whether her father was aware or not, Zelda upheld the promise to her mother until Link came to see her for the first time. When asked why she chose to tell him of the legend of her family, Zelda states it's because not even her own father believed her, implying that there's a possibility that Zelda didn't have many people who were willing to either listen to her seriously or who were even around period.

Zelda, as a child was very different from how she grew up to be. With her father in control of the country and Zelda's mischievous nature, she appears to have often left the side of her caretaker, Impa, in favor of indulging in childhood activities. There's a possibility that she was longing for a type of freedom that she couldn't get from being born as a princess. When meeting Link in the castle town market for the first time, she thanks him for treating her as a normal girl, likely sparking her immediate fondness for him. Aside from him, Zelda is never seen with anyone else other than her nanny. As a result, it's plausible that Zelda's only other friends were her scholars.

Upon Ganondorf Dragmire's invasion of Hyrule, Zelda was escorted away by Impa after the princess found out that her father had been killed. Once Link opened the Door of Time and withdrew the Master Sword to open the way to the Sacred Realm, Zelda attempted to locate the Triforce and 'reign' over the land. The Triforce, incapable of determining good from evil was not capable of keeping itself from Ganondorf's grasp and it was with the Triforce of Power that he was able to fully draw Hyrule into a land of loathing and hatred. It was under the Sheikah's care that Zelda made a most fated decision that would hopefully benefit Hyrule and her people.

The Exiled Sheikah Edit

"Sheik, are you okay?"
"Of course. I don't see anything odd. It's just a desert to me."

Zelda felt tremendously powerless with Ganondorf in control and was completely unaware of the Triforce breaking into three individual pieces. Believing that all hope was lost for her future, she could not stand aside in hiding without experiencing a great amount of frustration. In consequence, she made a very special request of Impa--one that the Sheikah reluctantly decided to lend her consent to. In an attempt to make up for her prior discrepancies, Zelda requested that she be turned into a boy.

Under Impa's direction, the princess's conscious mind was sealed off and she was turned into a young Sheikah boy, and raised (most likely in Kakariko Village) under the traditions of the Sheikah. While we are not given much information with regards to how Sheik grew up, we can safely assume that at his coming of age, his left ear was pierced by Impa as a rite of passage, just as she later chooses to do with Link once he's proven he's capable of wielding the Master Sword.

With Sheik's leave of his 'hometown' (again, likely Kakariko Village as that was once filled with the Sheikahs), he went to Ganondorf and at his feet bowed and offered his loyalty in order to become one of his followers. He was under the orders to locate Princess Zelda, which implies to some degree that Sheik with his own separate conscious may have only been faintly aware of his dedication and protection of the princess. Out of Ganondorf's watchful eye as well as the two witches, Koume and Kotake, Sheik was responsible for pointing Link in the proper direction to overthrow the Evil King.

When asked why he offered his allegiance to Ganondorf and why he no longer supported Hyrule's Royal Family, Sheik explained that he was simply a wandering minstrel, a mercenary in some terms, with nothing to do and therefore had no reason to turn down Ganondorf's leadership. Whether that's actually the situation or not, was not recovered. Sheik was thought to be an exiled member of the Sheikahs, or to some degree a pariah of his particular tribe, which would have resulted in his wandering as a drifter of sorts.

The design upon his apparel is defined as the significance of a tale passed down from his ancestors. Originally it was simply an eye, however, at one point in time Hyrule's Royal Family betrayed the Sheikahs. He doesn't state when, but there's a possibility it took place around the time of the Great War where Link's father died in battle. A consequence of the betrayal led to the tear being added to their emblem, likely to serve as a reminder of the past. Sheik claimed it held no influence over him as it was an event in the past and not something of the present or the future.

There is a point at which when traveling through the Desert Colossus, Link is overcome by illusions and hallucinations created by the whipping sands. Those with pain within their hearts are put against the moments, or the people who have struck them the hardest in terms of emotional attachment. Sheik, however, sees nothing and it is implied that Sheik has no pain within his heart, likely due to the idea that he does not hold Zelda's regrets as his own.

In the Gerudos' fortress, Sheik poses as a traitor to Link and has him imprisoned. When he gains his freedom, Sheik turns on Koume, Kotake, and the others of the desert. Suffering from his wounds, Link brings him to a safe haven and it's in his recovery that Sheik reveals himself and his secret.

A Glimpse to the Future Edit


This is Keke's representation of Zelda.

"Before Ganondorf stole the Triforce, I had tried to rule the Sacred Realm. It was very foolish of me. As a result, he got the Triforce and you were drawn into the conflict."

Zelda apologizes for the way she had to deceive Link, and also for the conflicts that she caused him. It's implied that the telling of Ganondorf coming to Hyrule was all preordained long ago. It later becomes referenced to as the Great Cataclysm and becomes seen as some sort of destiny that would need to be fulfilled by the Princess of Destiny and the Hero of Time, along with the ancient Sages who built the temples that served as the final stronghold for holding the Triforce in safety.

Although Zelda is also one of the ancient Sages, her attribute is not noted, though it would seem to be logical that she was the Sage of Wisdom or something similar to that.

With the Ocarina of Time in hand, she uses her abilities to send Link back in time, so he may relive his childhood, the one that she stripped him of because of her foolish behavior. It's a bit of a tearful farewell, but a clear reminder of how Zelda feels about the man who went to such lengths to protect her. Her love for him, however, is a bit of an unrealistic one. She holds Hyrule in too high of a standing to ever allow her heart to get in the way. At least, that is what the wise princess claims.

Fanon Edit

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The Pariah and the Princess Edit

It is my belief based on dialogue in the manga that at the time of Ganondorf's invasion into Hyrule, Zelda was taken from his grasp. Wherever Impa took her (which we're not actually informed of, but likely might have been Kakariko Village), Zelda was unhappy. Unhappy because she felt useless and didn't want to leave her kingdom in ruins or in the hands of a mad man from the desert. In asking Impa for help, it's pretty obvious that Zelda couldn't have gone around as the princess, because Ganondorf was looking for her. (While it wasn't explicitly stated at the time, I think Zelda had an inkling that something with the Triforce pieces would come about.)

I like to think that Impa, at the request of Zelda and even agreeing that it would be better for her safety, 'bestowed' Sheik onto her. It's not shown how this is done, but it implies that the Sheikahs have a great form of magical power, perhaps even more so than the Hylians. In the novel, Impa claims that she puts Zelda's conscious mind to sleep and raises her into a Sheikah boy. Being that I do play Sheik as being fully male and Zelda as fully female, I believe that Sheik was either an idea or an entity that Impa created and implanted into Zelda. I picture it as forming a seed, watering it, and watching it grow, and the seed represents Sheik, who likely began at the age of ten, like Zelda, and through the seven years that Link was dormant, grew into the adolescent he is when he's first seen.

I portray Sheik as being a bit aloof, very cryptic, and either blatant or inconspicuous depending upon the situation and the others (if applicable) involved. He's slender, limber, not too entirely tall, and certainly does show himself as being a bit of a younger man. Well, would if he ever showed his face. It wouldn't be completely improbable for his bandaging to prevent someone from determining his age.

He's normally calm and collected unless the extreme situation calls for it. The M.S. Elegante is a place of extremities, and as a result, he has a bit more difficulty retaining his composure. He's known for being crafty and generally subtle. This depends on circumstance and those he chooses to associate himself with. In consequence, it would be unfair to assume that he will approach all situations with the same mannerisms.

Sheik can be seen as holding a bit of animosity toward his position as Zelda's guardian. Per the traditions, the Sheikahs have always been the protectors of Hyrule's Royal Family, and have also been considered 'shadows'. Sheik is literally a shadow of Zelda's due to the way they are fused together to one entity. As a result, there are two sides to Sheik and how he perceives his stance with regards to the princess.

The first is his overwhelming need to protect her for his benefit. Should something happen to Zelda, he suffers the repercussions and the same the other way around. If she dies, he dies. If he dies, she dies. Some of it is honor, but much of it is deliberately implied to be a bit selfish. It can also be assumed that he wants to be his own person and at times, will forgo Zelda's requests to fulfill his own--as long as they don't endanger her. The other part is the idea that after seven years of seeing all of the torment she had to go through, it's not improbable that Sheik loves Zelda. To some degree. He likely won't ever admit it, and he'll probably cover it up by coming off as overprotective or self-centered, but it should be noted that he can suffer an extreme envy at the idea of anyone ever growing as close to Zelda as he is. The only exception to this is Link, and that is because Sheik's trust in Link stems from his respect and from their past together.

Zelda is played as being a very kind and considerate woman, always wanting to do what she believes is right, and always wanting to be helpful to others. Although she's aware that she's incapable of playing the prince and always having a hand in the things that occur, she always attempts to do her very best. She's diplomatic and would rather use words, compromise, and negotiation to make things occur. She can, however, and will--if absolutely necessary--use force to accomplish the tasks set before her. She may come across as delicate and fragile, and perhaps even naive, but she has many strengths that she may or may not hide in order to maintain a low profile. She is more capable of influencing change if she is not seen as a suspect of opposing activity and is well aware of it.

Her relationship with Sheik is one she doesn't speak of much. She personally doesn't know a lot about him. Sheik tends not to disclose information to her once it's occurred, perhaps for her safety, perhaps to keep her from chiding him. For whatever reason, he leaves her in a common state of confusion and holes in her timeline where she doesn't know what's happened over the course of a few days. If things happen that she needs to know about, Sheik will at least inform her of that, but it's based on what he feels she needs to know--something that can easily be debated. On the other side, Zelda is normally open with Sheik and will tell him who she's associated with, or allow him to watch her situations from a third-person perspective (in a manner of speaking). Sometimes he can grow too inquisitive for his own good, however, and she will close herself off.

Aside from her trust in him, Zelda has no other particular fondness or fascination for him. She appreciates him, but if there are truly feelings of love present for her, she does not reciprocate them.

The Triforce, Nayru, and Abilities Edit

The Triforce emblem upon the back of the right hand for Sheik and Zelda is shown as glowing only a few times in the game and the manga. It seems to glow when Zelda transforms into Sheik (and vice versa), when any sort of magic is cast, and when the pieces of the Triforce attempt to resonate with one another. (We have yet to see if this will actually happen.) As Sheik and Zelda communicate with one another and at times in the midst when one is in engaged with outer conversation, it seems plausible that if the inactive form wants to present himself / herself the attempt to transform or the expression of the desire can cause a glow of the Triforce as well. It should be noted, however, that Zelda and Sheik will never transform in a public situation unless the predicament essentially calls for it. Otherwise, it can be assumed that they transform in the safety of their solitude.

Any magic that Zelda is capable of casting Sheik can cast as well, but not nearly at such a greater level. Being that Sheik is supposedly a member of the Sheikahs, however, it could be contrived that the Sheikahs have higher ability than the Hylians do. It's difficult to say as Sheik has rarely cast anything and tends to only use Deku Nuts for any form of 'magic'. This will be a case-by-case basis that determines what Sheik is or is not capable of.

Zelda's magical abilities include precognition, telepathy, a few elemental spells, and the power to create and break seals and barriers. She has an affiliation with the Goddess of Wisdom (Time, in some cases), Nayru, and also the Triforce of Wisdom, which affects her keen observation and judge of character. She can see many truths and is not easily fooled into trickery. Unfortunately, however, this does not always prevent her from falling into traps that could otherwise be easily avoided.

Further theory on the Goddess Nayru and Zelda. Nayru was the goddess responsible for bestowing the world with wisdom and the idea of what is lawfully right and wrong. Although not explained fully, it is implied in various forms of media that there is a connection between Princess Zelda and Nayru. It is my choice to perceive it as the idea that Zelda can possibly be defined as the Goddess Nayru in human incarnate. Possibly, potentially. She will never call herself this, and even if she were to believe it (which she likely does not), she would only admit to the idea that she is a 'direct messenger' to Nayru. No matter what the case, it is not implausible that if Zelda is not truly Nayru entirely, that she either has been, will be, or can be used by Nayru to carry out her personal guidance.

Due to the direct affiliation and connection between the two, Sheik tends to always refer to various situations as 'By the Goddess Nayru', as opposed to Zelda who prefers to use, "By the goddesses [three]." This could be considered Zelda's way of attempting to inconspicuously sever her ties with Nayru, although unlikely as Zelda holds a great loyalty and respect for her. Zelda has given a codename of Nayru once and that was in a trip through Carnival with Kevas and Greed, the latter of whom is no longer aboard.

Zelda has very little fighting ability, but is implied that she is an accomplished archer through a variety of media. I have chosen to incorporate this into her character, likely due to the idea that it will not truly influence anything aboard the ship. There is a possibility, slight, but present all the same that Zelda's ability to call upon arrows of light may not require a bow. This is subject to discussion, depending upon circumstance.

The Sheikah Edit

In the beginning, the three goddesses created the world, the people who would live upon it, and the idea of what was considered “right” and “wrong”. They departed for the heavens and the spot where the three left created the sacred artifact, the Triforce, which would grant the wish of its holder. Those with pure hearts would bring the world into a golden age of prosperity. Those with evil hearts would plunge the world into everlasting darkness.

It is stated that the goddesses created the Hylians in their own image. (Although once you get into later canon, it’s thought that the Oocca were actually responsible for that. Neither Zelda nor Sheik, however, have this information.) Beneath the Hylians, the Sheikah came about.

The Sheikah were said to have hailed from Kakariko Village and were charged with the responsibility of protecting Hyrule’s Royal Family. In nature, they are dexterous, agile, and gifted with quick reflexes, often coming off as very ninja-like beings. They are generally marked with the Eye of the Sheikah, which is an emblem that depicts a red eye and a fallen tear, supposedly a consequence of a great betrayal Hyrule’s Royal Family made against the race.

Sheikah and Hylians look alike. They have similar ears, but differ generally in height (as it seems the Sheikah are taller) and have eerie red eyes in contrast to the blue that many Hylians hold. It’s difficult to pinpoint exactly what the average Sheikah looks like as through the Imprisonment War, it’s considered that the Sheikah are extinct. This is, however, contradicted by Sheik’s presence after Ganondorf has come into power and turned Hyrule into a land of absolute hate and atrophy.

Although there is a lack of Sheikah people throughout Link’s journey, there are places and things decorated with the Sheikah emblem, implying various connections through different areas of Hyrule. In particular, the Sheikah seemed very dedicated to Hyrule’s history. As Sheik leads Link to his next destinations during the Imprisonment War and even after his great success, Sheik shares stories and legends passed down through the texts and the Royal Family. This implies that the Sheikah have been around for a great period of time and likely know of every single thing that has occurred in Hyrule’s history.

There is also an indication in the novel where Sheik admittedly states that he was cast out of his particular tribe of Sheikah, which resulted in his seemingly mindless meandering that led him to work beneath Ganondorf. (When in actuality, Sheik was simply hiding behind enemy lines in an attempt to keep the Princess Zelda [and her piece of the Triforce] safe.) If such was not stated as a lie to keep Ganondorf satisfied, then it signifies that Sheik and Impa possibly came from the same tribe in comparison to others.

In further analysis of the Sheikah, it’s plausible that at one point in time, the Sheikah were one. In the back of Kakariko Village there is a cemetery that holds the bodies of Hyrule’s Royal Family, to whom the Sheikah have sworn fealty. Some time before Link began his journey, there was a great evil that the Sheikah banished to the bottom of the well in the village. During the Imprisonment War, the evil escapes and seeps to the temple that lies beneath the cemetery. The temple, which is referred to as the Shadow Temple, is also defined as the House of the Dead, which literally may imply that it has a connection to the Royal Family’s tomb as well.

Given the environment of the Shadow Temple (blood splattered against walls and the floors), the various monuments (a ship that seems to ferry those condemned to death by use of the Royal Family’s sacred song), items (guillotines and other such torture devices), and overall demeanor, it’s possible that at one point in the time, the Sheikah were guilty of taking the felons against Hyrule and torturing them before sending them to execution, although it’s not quite clear when in particular this might have occurred. As the Sheikah were said to be greater in number before the Hyrulean Civil War, it may have taken place then. It’s also possible that following that particular war, the Sheikah were filled with such animosity that in order to gain revenge, they turned to the darker arts and the could have been constructed for such a thing.

If such were the case, over time Hyrule’s Royal Family might have discovered this horrendous secret and that resulted in the exile of the Sheikah, which may be what they define as the great betrayal that brought about the tear in their emblem. Whether or not that was accurate, if differing tribes of the Sheikah existed, then it’s not impossible to think that in the midst of the torment and the torture of various criminals to Hyrule’s law, that the Sheikah separated, one pro the actions of the Shadow Temple, and one against.

That is simply a piece of what could be Sheikah history, which is not often delved into. Sheik himself (in the novel), states that what happened in the past had nothing to do with him and held no bearing on his existence. Therefore, it’s safe to assume that while Sheik may know what occurred, he was not a part of either tribe. The same cannot be said about Impa, however, and even Sheik’s information on her appears limited.

The conclusion we can draw is that great mystery surrounds the Sheikah, their history, and their future—assuming one exists. Various items such as the Lens of Truth and the Gossip Stones (also known as Stones of the Sheikah) can help in discovering more, but none of the answers are truly given. Anything Sheik says about his people or himself should be taken with a grain of salt and not as matter-of-fact, no matter how confident he may sound.

The Seven Years Between Edit

Zelda often comes across as a bit sheltered, in spite of her grand tutelage she received when she was younger. It is by choice and reasonable possibility that the reason for this is because of Sheik's appearance. In the novel, it's specifically stated that Zelda's conscious was sealed away, so she could be raised as a Sheikah boy for her own protection. The manifestation of Sheik (whatever he may be, for not even he knows what to define himself as) appeared and replaced Zelda's. In consequence, it's likely that her memories, her entire being was put on pause for the seven years (plus, as we're not given a time frame in which the Imprisonment War took place).

If this is truly the situation, then it would not at all be surprising for Zelda to admit that she lost seven years of her life to Sheik. In those seven years, she personally didn't experience all of the heartache and the sorrow. Any inclination that she was given of it probably came from Sheik who relayed the events to her. Sheik, however, being as protective as he appears to have been, may not have been so forthcoming. It's more likely that he wished to soften the reality of it all, which resulted in missing holes in her knowledge. (This could easily tie into present Sheik, who seems to only tell Zelda what he feels she needs to know, rather than informing her of all things occurring in her absence and his presence.)

To be a bit more precise, Zelda could easily be construed as a ten-year-old girl in the body of a seventeen-year-old young lady. This may better explain her sometimes frantic nature when it comes to properly ruling Hyrule or caring for her people as well as her behavior toward others and her inability to explain things in great detail that took place between the Great Cataclysm and the Imprisonment War. Although she presumably knows of Sheik's hidden motives or of his position in her absence, she chooses not to voice this, perhaps a means of protecting him from various people who would dislike Sheik anymore than they already do.

Elegante Edit

The Arrival Edit

Zelda had been in the midst of formulating a plan for Hyrule's reconstruction. Many of the towns were destroyed by Ganondorf's minions. Zora's Domain remained frozen over in spite of Link and Princess Ruto's efforts to thwart the evil in the Water Temple of the Zoras. Many innocent people, soldiers and civilians alike, were sacrificed for the Evil King's causes. Although he was sealed into the Sacred Realm, his tyranny was still a vibrant painting for Zelda and her people. It was in her attempts that she was stripped from her homeland and taken to the ship known as the MS Elegante, a vessel heading toward something known as the 'Golden Shore' under the capable hands of the Captain James Wolfgang Redd.

She held only the Ocarina of Time on her person when she arrived. Still harboring Sheik within her, however, he shows himself only when he feels the princess will be in danger, and carries his harp with him.

When she initially arrived, Link had been aboard, however, not too long after he vanished. Zelda has been hurt by his absence and resolves to sentence herself to eternal thoughts of Hyrule. She is somehow partially relieved and distraught at the same time that Link was not truly the Link from her time period. In consequence of that, Zelda failed to tell him how she felt about him, and refuses to acknowledge the feelings further. Of course, that is much easier said than done.

The Present Edit

[Under so much construction, you have no idea.]

Trivia Edit

★ Zelda wears one Triforce earring in her right ear. Jak holds onto the other, significant of the promise they made to one another.

★ The pendant of orange that she wears is the Seal of Mar. It was a gift from Jak, a sign of his affection for her. It also serves as a key to various parts of Haven, not that such will ever come to help Zelda.

★ Like Sheik and his harp, Zelda always carries the Ocarina of Time on her. It's hard to pinpoint exactly where she hides it, however, or if she uses some form of magic to make it materialize.

★ Although she carries it constantly, Zelda rarely plays the Ocarina of Time. When she does, however, she's generally certain no one else can hear her.

★ She only wears it on special older brother occasions, but Zelda has a pimping white hat just like Kevas's. He made it for her.

★ Zelda has one golden frog, but she doesn't know what it's good for. She used to have two, but she gave one to Link {OoT} when he came back. One came from her shared victory with Reiner during the baby event. And another came with another series of awkward events that involved aging, gender, personality, and a loss of memories. She keeps hers safe in her room.

★ Like her granddaughter, Zelda doesn't like the elevators and will only take them when she's with someone else.

★ Failing to use logic when picking a direction to go, entirely by choice, Zelda tends to go to the right first, as her right hand is her dominant hand.

★ The following aboard the Elegante know that Zelda and Sheik share a form: Zelda {TP}, Erol, and Jak. The crew also seems to know. If not all of them do, then Kage does, at least.

★ Zelda's favorite place on the ship is deck thirteen and the field of never-ending flowers. She also likes the caves on deck fifteen, the forest on deck three, and the maze on deck fourteen. Aside from those, however, Zelda's usually in Jak's room.

★ Sheik's favorite place on the ship is deck fifteen and the caves. He doesn't have a real reason as to why, but he has a fondness for the stalactites.

★ If Zelda wakes in the middle of the night, Sheik will generally take over and wander the ship, before returning Zelda to bed before the night ends. Most of the time.

★ All the females of the Royal Family are named Zelda. She doesn't really know why this is; she just knows that's the way it is.

★ Zelda has a pet rabbit that likes to hide under things. He was a gift from Hazar. His name is literally "XII" (which is pronounced as "Twelve"). Hazar is the one who named him.

★ Although not available in canon, Zelda defines her date of birth as September 08. She hasn't told anyone this, however, and therefore it's passed without a commotion. People don't age on the boat, however, so Zelda's still only 17.

★ Sheik, not created at the time of Zelda's birth, likely doesn't share the same birthday. He was given one of November 04 by Bryn and Lily, however. His age is considered to be unknown. Literally, however, as he was only created when Zelda was 10, he might only be 7 years old based on her age.

★ The bones in Sheik's left hand are artificial. For his assault again Meth Rezza, she employed the help of the ship's medic, AMU, and took the original bones in his hand. Those original bones are in Meth's possession. AMU replicated them and replaced them during Sheik's torture. Meth used Sheik's hand bones to create a personal back scratcher. Isn't that just great?

★ Any of Zelda's talent for the racetrack comes from Jak, who's taken some form of delight in teaching her. Along with it, she's got a special entourage specifically for racing.

★ Zelda's personal inventory includes: the Seal of Mar (Jak), a white fishing hat (Kevas), a blue hairpiece (Hazar), a teddy bear (Zeke), a purple bracelet (Reiner), a box of home-made chocolates (Herz), a cloak (Odette), a picture of Impa, and a snow sculpture of herself (Sal -- which of course doesn't last when the snow melts, but the thought is appreciated).

★ Sheik's personal inventory includes: a white dickie, scarf, and a smooth chain (Haine), homemade chocolates (Hazar), The Grimm Fairytales (Mimmi), and a discman, earphones, and a few classical CDs (Bryn).

★ Zelda's traditional Hylian garb details the Eye of the Sheikah below the Triforce on her tabard. It's very small, however, so there's a chance that others may not notice it. This can either be due to the Sheikah and their connection to Hyrule's Royal Family, or this may be a hint toward Sheik and Zelda's connection.

★ There is a possibility that like Impa's facial tattoos, the other members of the Sheikah may have bodily markings. This has not been discouraged. Likewise, it has not been specifically stated. In a portrayal of Sheik and Zelda where they are different people, it is not a long reach to say Sheik likely has bodily tattoos somewhere.

Zelda's Relationships Edit

(Status is reflected with ♦'s and ♥'s. ♦ to ♦♦♦♦♦ is minimum to maximum for dislike or fear. ♥ to ♥♥♥♥♥ is minimum to maximum for acquaintances and beloved people.)

Updated: 06/12/2010

Damas: (♥♥♥) Jak's father and the king of Spargus. He's respectable, wise, and knows how to take initiative. Zelda hopes that by spending time with him, she can improve upon her own leadership skills. He's aware of Zelda and Jak's relationship and doesn't seem to disapprove. Zelda needs to spend more time with him.

Daxter: (♥♥♥♥) Not the same as the old Daxter, but Zelda adores him all the same. He's so cute, so adorable, so squeezable, and for as flirtatious as he is, he's still very considerate to her.

Erol: (♦♦♦♦) The commander of the Krimzon Guard beneath Baron Praxis and Jak's rival. Her plan to get into his head failed and in consequence Zelda severed ties with him. Erol knows about the connection between Sheik and Zelda. He's not an easy man to compromise with, but Zelda will use force if she has to in order to keep his mouth shut.

Ganondorf {TP}: (♦♦♦♦) She has only recently come to learn that Ganondorf is not the same man guilty of killing her father. He's also not the same man Sheik betrayed in the seven year span. In consequence, he doesn't know that Zelda and Sheik share the same form, and Zelda's hatred has been partially misplaced. Because he's related to that man, however, Zelda still takes most of what he says with a grain of salt. Ganondorf's main motive is still to take her piece of the Triforce, as far as she knows. She wonders where he's placed his irritations into.

Gideon: (♥♥♥) He's a really great guy, sweet and kind. He makes her think of Link a lot, except perhaps not quite so irrational. She finds him a useful ally and hopes he'll be around a long time to come, and if not, then she hopes he'll go back to a wonderful world, because he deserves all of the finer things in life. She does, however, wish he would just call her by name.

Jak: (♥♥♥♥♥) A Havenite known as the son of Damas, King of Spargus. In an intricate tale, Jak became known as 'Mar', the great leader of Haven, and to some degree, a form of a god. He's foolish, brash, irrational, and reckless. He's lived a difficult life and somehow survived the madness that comes with being filled with Dark Eco, just one of the many energy forms from his home world. Zelda loves him with every beat of her heart and it seems that he might very well reciprocate.

Kage: (♥♥♥) A soldier from his home world, who's indirectly responsible for keeping Zelda's interest in archery. Due to outside interference, Kage was given something special of Zelda's--and not in the material form. She holds, however, a very vague romantic interest in him. The aftermath has forced her to hold her guard up. When he's not propositioning her, Zelda likes him best. She's promised to set him free from the boat, even if it means staying with him.

Kevas: (♥♥♥) The troll she once thought of as her older brother. He doesn't remember his former time on the ship, and Zelda's grown up since they've seen each other, but she still cares about him. It seems like he wants to pick up right where he left off. Zelda's apprehensive about complicating things for him this time, however. She's eager to show him just how capable she is on her own.

The Major: (♥♥♥♥) A cybernetic woman who has seen many things in her time. She's wise, a little aloof, inconspicuous, and can be considered cold. Zelda respects her and holds her in high regard, looking to win her 'approval' with her actions and diplomacy, rather than coming off as foolish. Zelda views the Major as... a bit of a motherly figure.

Meth: (♥♥) A woman of the crew who appears to work on repairs. Zelda doesn't know her very well, but she seems to respect her. Zelda was responsible for returning Meth's blueprints to her, and question her on their purpose. She believes Meth is truly sincere and doesn't wish any harm on the ship's passengers. And if not the ship as a whole--then surely Zelda's secure position. She doesn't know of Sheik's aggression toward her.

Nabooru: (♥♥♥) Zelda can't say she's personally very close to the Sage of Spirit. She respects her, however, and holds her in high regard. The Gerudo is confident and ambitious, an impeccable leader for her people, even if she should lead hers differently from how Zelda leads Hyrule. Zelda relies on her to have her back and to support her. Although, she can't say she knows what Nabooru thinks of her in the least.

Razer: (♦♦♦) He tends to mock her often. As a result, Zelda doesn't take much of what he says seriously. In fact, she's pretty certain he's just playing everyone for a fool and doesn't trust him to any extent. They do, on occasion have some very interesting conversations, and not all of them end badly.

Zeke: (♥♥♥♥♥) He runs Sergei's Bar and Grill on the 10th deck. Zelda met him when he was in desperate need of medication, perhaps an after-effect to the mutiny that was staged before she arrived. He has been working on teaching her how to cook. Unfortunately, her first attempt and her impatience caused her to bring the oven to explode, and the kitchen was ultimately damaged quite badly and in need of repairs. It has since then been repaired. She holds Zeke in a high standing and used to view him as a tutor of sorts. Nowadays, he's like an older brother.

Zelda {TP}: (♥♥♥♥♥) Her... great-great-great granddaughter (although Zelda tends to simply refer to her as 'granddaughter'). It's awkward. Zelda holds a tension for her descendant, believing that next to her, she is incapable of properly ruling Hyrule. She feels like she must alter herself for the benefit of her relation, and once again finds herself confined to the role of her title--someplace that Zelda really doesn't want to be any longer. That aside, being the nurturing sort and knowing the connection, Zelda holds a great love and adoration for her.

Sheik's Relationships Edit

(Status is reflected with ♦'s and ♥'s. ♦ to ♦♦♦♦♦ is minimum to maximum for dislike or fear. ♥ to ♥♥♥♥♥ is minimum to maximum for acquaintances and beloved people.)

Updated: 06/12/2010

Brynhildr Dottir: (♥♥♥) The woman responsible for making Haine's birthday what it needed to be with regards to food. She certainly knows how to alter an awkward situation. Or make it more awkward.

Erol: (♦♦♦♦♦) Erol's hit a new low with Sheik. Just when he was beginning to accept him, Erol goes and does something ridiculously foolish. For the protection of his other half, Sheik would prefer it more if Zelda didn't associate herself with his type, or anyone considered a Spargan or a Havenite for that matter.

• Every Havenite Ever: (♦♦♦♦♦) It's just easier to say that Sheik really dislikes every child of the Precursors, mostly because of things Jak and Erol have done. Never mind that Zelda had a hand in it all. Serously, though. He doesn't like any of them, even the charming ones like Phoenix and Razer.

Ganondorf {TP}: (♦♦♦♦♦) Ganondorf's attempts to extract Zelda's Triforce piece have got Sheik on edge, even if he cannot be around to show it. Like Erol, Sheik would rather keep Zelda far, far away from him. On the other hand, he can't deny that if it weren't for Ganondorf's advances, Jak wouldn't have come along again. Perhaps Sheik should be thanking the Gerudo instead.

Jak: (♦♦♦♦♦) Sheik knows about Jak. He knows he came to Zelda's rescue. He knows that Zelda and Jak are in this whole 'in love' nonsense again, but Sheik is less than happy about it. After what happened the first time, although it was with entirely good reasoning, Sheik concerns over Zelda's feelings and expects the very worst. Jak has no place with Hyrule's princess and when Sheik presents himself again, he's determined to make his point to the other elf.

Lily: (♥♥♥♥) Haine's younger sister, and apparently Sheik's by practice. He certainly cares about her to a great extent. She's very important to him. Sheik will go to almost any length to protect her.

Meth: (♦♦♦♦♦) After her nonsense with the blueprints of Kakariko, Sheik holds an animosity for her. He is guilty of physically assaulting her. He suffered repercussions at her hands with the help of AMU.

Nabooru: (♥♥♥♥) Sheik considers Nabooru a vital asset to Hyrule's freedom. She played a very important part in the Imprisonment War and while she was under Ganondorf's grasp, Sheik wanted to do all he could to keep an eye on her. He defines her as being very close and in any particular situation would gladly raise arms to fight at her side.

The Major(♥♥) He respects her. She's good to have in a fight. She's good to have as support. He doesn't quite understand why Zelda likes her so much, but he does like her for his own reasons.

Zelda {TP}: (♥♥♥♥♥) Sheik is exceedingly fond of her. He adores her, wishes to protect her although she doesn't need it, and holds her very dear to him. By textbook theory, he loves her, but Sheik will never admit it and never say it out loud. He certainly does hold her as his highest priority, aside from his own obligations.

Specific Timeline Edit

June 2009 Edit

  • 01 ◘ Zelda's Arrival [Threads with Kevas, Kage, Ki, Ter'thelas, Link {OoT}, The Major, and Belle.]
  • 04Link {OoT} tells Zelda to stay away from Carnival and Spectacular Spectacular.
  • 05 ◘ Zelda comes to Zeke's rescue.
  • 07 ◘ Zelda shares her observations with the other passengers. [Threads with Kage, Kevas, Link {OoT}, and Jak.]
  • 09Kage tells Zelda about sushi and takes her to the Video Arcade.
  • 13Hazar and Zelda talk about slavery.
    • -02-Ki expresses her concern with contacting the gods.
  • 14Daxter hunts for the single girls aboard.
  • 15Link {OoT} thinks things have gotten too quiet.
  • 19 ◘ Sheik senses a disturbance. [Thread with Kage.]
  • 20 ◘ Sheik reveals himself to Link {OoT}.
  • 22Lucien searches for his father.
  • 23 ◘ Zelda concerns over her intuition. [Threads with Kevas, Hazar, Ki, Erol, and Daxter.]
    • -02-Zeke passes out invitations to Sergei's Bar and Grille.
  • 29 ◘ Zelda realizes Link {OoT} is gone. [Threads with Hazar, Erol, Kevas, and Ki.]
  • 30Kage takes Zelda on a date to comfort her.

July 2009 Edit

  • 01Greed wants to train Zelda in martial arts.
  • 02Brutter can't use his comm efficiently.
  • 03 ◘ Zelda writes a diplomatic letter to Captain Redd. [Thread with Captain Redd.]
  • 04 ◘ Zelda and Erol discuss a potential mutiny.
  • 05 ◘ Zelda's respect for Captain Redd grows. [Threads with Russell, Erol, Kage, Kevas, and Greed.]
  • 06Jak serves repercussions for killing Baron Praxis.
  • 07Zeke gets drunk and sings publicly.
  • 09 ◘ Zelda worries in general. [Threads with Jak, Zeke, Rue, Erol, and Lucien.]
    • -02- ◘ The aftermath of Zelda's first cooking attempt.
  • 11Brutter wants the leftover fish on Deck 15.
  • 12Jak worries about Herz.
    • -02- ◘ Zelda and Kate discuss opening a shop.
  • 13Baron Praxis looks for an infirmary for Jak.
    • -02-Greed takes Zelda for her first lesson in martial arts.
    • -03- ◘ Zelda realizes Ki is gone. [Threads with Zeke and Kevas.]
    • -04- ◘ Sheik takes the Kakariko blueprints from Meth's room.
  • 15Jak searches for Daxter.
  • 16 ◘ Zelda attempts to reassure Mikaela.
    • -02- ◘ Sheik protects Zelda. [Threads with Mimmi, Erol, Haine, Jak, and Hazar.]
  • 17 ◘ Zelda and Jak go on a date.
  • 18Link {MM} comes back...?
    • -02- ◘ Zelda gives Kevas parenting advice.
    • -03- ◘ Zelda thinks of her own mother. [Threads with Mimmi, Gail, Reiner, Hazar, Jak, Kevas, and Link {MM}.]
    • -04- ◘ Zelda and Zeke talk about his baby.
    • -05-Gail gets lost in the maze on Deck 14.
    • -06- ◘ Zelda and Hazar talk about their babies.
  • 19 ◘ Zelda tries to give Baron Praxis parenting advice.
    • -02-The Major explains the true nature of the babies.
    • -03- ◘ Zelda and Thom talk about the origin of the babies.
  • 20 ◘ Zelda and Link {MM} talk about the difference between him and the other Link {OoT}.
    • -02-Hazar is tormented by the loss of her baby.
  • 21Meth announces the return of Sergei's Bar and Grille.
  • 22Daxter digs into the personal lives of the ship's females.
    • -02- ◘ Zelda writes another letter to Captain Redd. [Threads with Praxis, Erol, Christine, Akagi, Kevas, and Reiner.]
    • -03- ◘ Zelda and Hajime discuss the gullible nature aboard.
  • 23Link {MM} questions Zelda's connection to Erol.
  • 24Jak gets punished by Captain Redd.
  • 25 ◘ Zelda meets Sora.
  • 26Link {MM} watches over Erol in the infirmary.
    • -02- ◘ Zelda gets frustrated. [Threads with Jak and Kage.]
  • 27 ◘ Zelda and Jak wake up together.
    • -02- ◘ Zelda recovers. [Threads with Christine, Hazar, Sarea, Bumblebee, Erol, Kevas, The Major, Sora, Greed, Link {MM}, and Catpaw.]
    • -03-Gail asks about Carnival.
  • 28 ◘ Zelda's had enough of Erol.
  • 29 ◘ Zelda admits her wrongdoings. [Threads with Jak, Kevas, Zeke, Gail, Link {MM}, Herz, Remy, Bumblebee, Daxter, Riku, Sora, Kate, and Mikaela.]
  • 31Remy talks about his birthday.

August 2009 Edit

  • 01 ◘ Zelda meets Midna.
  • 02 ◘ Sheik gives into his intuition. [Threads with Erol, Zeke, Haine, Link {MM}, Kevas, Samuel, Greed, Fatin, Sora, and Kate.]
  • 03Sora looks for someplace 'cool.'
    • -02-Meth finishes the renovations on the temple on Deck 13.
  • 04Jak comes back from the dead.
  • 06 ◘ Zelda's faith falls. [Threads with Kevas, Jak, Sarea, Zeke, Mimmi, Midna, The Major, and Kate.]
  • 07Midna talks about the boat's secrets.
  • 08 ◘ Zelda meets another Link {TP}.
  • 09 ◘ Zelda, Greed, and Kevas go to Carnival.
  • 11 ◘ Zelda dies. [Threads with Kevas, Kate, Zeke, Remy, Jak, Seishirou, Jane, Sora, Hazar, Greed, and Link {MM}.]
  • 13 ◘ Zelda asks for her possessions back. [Threads with Jak, Seishirou, Zeke, Remy, Kate, Midna, Patrick, Link {MM}, Kevas, Sarea, Erol, and Kage.]
  • 15Jak searches for the Seal of Mar.
  • 17 ◘ Zelda meets Zelda {TP}.
  • 18 ◘ Zelda asks for the Seal of Mar back. [Threads with Kage, Kevas, Midna, Zelda {TP}, and Link {MM}.]
  • 19 ◘ Zelda returns to Link {TP} his belt.
  • 20Gail is unaffected by the abductions.
  • 21Kate is returned.
    • -02- ◘ Zelda returns the Seal of Mar to Jak.
  • 23 ◘ Sheik hides Zelda away. [Threads with Erol, Mimmi, Haine, Kate, and Jeremiah.]
  • 24Zelda {TP} dies.
  • 25 ◘ Invasion of the bears.
  • 26The Major is an intelligent woman.
  • 27 ◘ Sheik brings Zelda {TP} a dress.
  • 28 ◘ Sheik gets a cupcake from Lily. [Threads with Seishirou, Sarea, and Haine.]
  • 30Shilo questions trust.
  • 31 ◘ Sheik leaves a cryptic song. [Threads with Zelda {TP}, Mimmi, Jak, and Shiba.]

September 2009 Edit

  • 02 ◘ Sheik threatens Meth.
  • 03 ◘ Zelda talks about Carnival. [Threads with Sarea, Zeke, Zelda {TP}, Catpaw, Jak, Kevas, and Link {TP}.]
    • -02-Patrick asks Zelda out to breakfast.
    • -03- ◘ Zelda and Jak cross the threshold. [Locked]
  • 04Ace searches for his missing possessions.
    • -02-Zeke offers to help Zelda make a cake.
    • -03-Kage tests Zelda's thoughts of fidelity.
  • 06 ◘ Sheik's anger gets the best of him. [Thread with Meth.]
  • 07 ◘ Sheik hates the brig. [Threads with Zelda {TP}, Sarea, Shilo, and Jak.]
  • 09 ◘ Zelda grows forlorn. [Threads with Zeke, Jak, Sarea, and Kevas.]
  • 11 ◘ Zelda meets little Motoko.
    • -02- ◘ Zelda and Jak play in the maze on Deck 14.
  • 14 ◘ Zelda realizes Link {MM} is gone. [Threads with Zeke, Erol, Razer, Kevas, Sarea, Jak, Link {TP}, Zelda {TP}, and Hazar.]
    • -02-Daxter doesn't want to become a girl.
    • -03-Kage doesn't mind being a female.
  • 18Link {OoT} comes back.
    • -02-Kate wants to start a performance troupe.
  • 19Ganondorf {TP} arrives.
    • -02- ◘ Zelda expresses her distaste. [Threads with Hazar, Zeke, Razer, Sarea, Ganondorf {TP}, Link {OoT}, and Link {TP}.]
    • -03-Zelda {TP} expresses her distaste.
    • -04-Sarea wants to go swimming.
  • 20Shilo wants to know what makes everyone miss home.
    • -02-Link {TP} puts together a gathering of Hyrule's council.
  • 21 ◘ Hyrule's council, part one. [Thread with Midna, Link {OoT}, Zelda {TP}, and Link {TP}.]
  • 23Captain Redd wants to make babies.
  • 24 ◘ Zelda tries to comfort Midna and fails.
    • -02- ◘ Zelda's overcome by her concern. [Threads with Sarea, Link {OoT}, Kevas, Razer, and Jak.]
  • 25Zelda {TP} asks to see Sheik.
  • 26 ◘ Sheik brings Link {OoT} one of Zelda's golden frogs.
  • 28Razer seeks to get rid of his golden frog.

October 2009 Edit

  • 01Gideon asks to see Zelda.
  • 04Herz talks about his birthday.
    • -02-Ganondorf {TP} seeks a suitable trade for his golden frog.
    • -03- ◘ Zelda honors the memories of those lost in her time aboard. [Threads with Link {OoT}, Mimmi, and Ganondorf {TP}.]
  • 05 ◘ Zelda asks Kage on a date to the café.
  • 10B wants to know how to stop feeling sad.
  • 11Sal wants to know if there are ladies aboard.
  • 12Sal and Zelda go on a date to Sergei's. Herz caters.
  • 13Razer misses Shiv.
  • 14Jak's looking for Daxter.
  • 17Daxter asks about Ace.
    • -02-Zelda {TP} wonders why the communication devices leak water.
    • -03-The Major chides the lack of observance amongst the passengers.
    • -04-Kage attempts to interpret a passage in a book.
  • 19Link {OoT} wonders on Ganondorf's {TP} intents.
    • -02-Hazar looks for various people over ShipNET.
    • -03-Zeke tries to lighten the burden on the ship.
  • 20Ganondorf {TP} talks briefly about his dinner with Zelda {TP}.
  • 23Sal wonders about the Captain watching the passengers in his spare time.
  • 24 ◘ Zelda introduces herself to the new passengers and checks the status on old. [Threads with Zeke, Blurr, Kage, Misty, Mikaela, Ace, Jeremiah, Samus, and Jak.]
  • 25Erol informs the new passengers that their home worlds have been destroyed.
  • 26Ning has an irrational arrival.

November 2009 Edit

December 2009Edit

  • 02The Major explains it all.
  • 05 ◘ Zelda welcomes Odette aboard.
    • -02-Daxter, what's wrong with you?
    • -03-The Major gives some food for thought.
    • -04- ◘ Zelda expresses her suspicions of recent events and the crew. [Threads with Ironhide, Ratchet, Keats, Zeke, Anna, and Ganondorf {TP}, Tachikoma, and Odette.]
  • 07Razer signs Zelda up for the race.
  • 08 ◘ Zelda goes to watch Phoenix practice for the upcoming tournament.
    • -02-Bryn announces the prizes for the tournament.
  • 09 ◘ Zelda convinces Kage to spend some time with her. (Get happy time!)
  • 10Remy talks about what happiness really is.
  • 11 ◘ Zelda wants to know about Christmas. [Threads with Odette, Keats, and Jak.]
  • 13Jak looks for a racing challenge.
  • 14Zeke tells the story of Santa Claus and Christmas.
    • -02-Daxter's back to hitting on the ladies.
    • -03Zelda {TP} examines the depreciation of the meaning of Christmas over time.
  • 15Batou makes a good point.
  • 16Ganondorf {TP} watches Zelda practice for the tournament.
  • 18B tells the passengers to inform the crew of horizon discoveries.
    • -02-Razer finds a possible connection between passengers.
  • 19 ◘ Sheik expresses his distaste. [Threads with Razer, Jak, and Zelda {TP}.]
    • -02-Rfena searches for a computer.
    • -03-Samuel talks about... salads? (Not even Sheik gets it.)
  • 20Christine needs help sleeping.
  • 21Jak gets punished by Captain Redd. Again.
  • 24Remy doesn't like snow.
  • 25 ◘ Zelda gets a teddy bear and a letter from "Santa Claus" (who's really Zeke).
  • 29 ◘ Zelda grows thoughtful, nostalgic, and a little homesick. [Threads with Gideon, Remy, Ironhide, and Ganondorf {TP}.]

January 2010 Edit

February 2010 Edit

  • 10 ◘ Sheik comments on Ganondorf's punishment and Valentine's Day. [Threads with Nabooru, Ganondorf {TP}, Rfena, Mimmi, and Keira.]
  • 14 ◘ Valentine's Day Party: Part 1 - [Thread with Jak.]
    • -02- ◘ Valentine's Day Party: Part 2 - [Thread with Ganondorf {TP}.]
    • -03- ◘ Valentine's Day Party: Part 3 - [Thread with Kevas.]
    • -04- ◘ Valentine's Day Party: Part 4 - [Thread with Zeke.]
    • -05- ◘ Valentine's Day Party: Part 5 - [Thread with Nabooru.]
  • 19 ◘ Zelda wants to reacquaint herself with the other passengers. [Threads with Zeke, Rochelle, Kevas, Herz, Ironhide, Ashelin, Keats, Zelda {TP}, Razer, and Kate.]
  • 21 ◘ Is it raining in the Brink? Phoenix and Zelda have dinner together.
  • 26 ◘ Zelda stalks meets Damas on Deck 12.
  • 27Jak suffers at the hands of Ganondorf {TP}.
    • -02-Damas and Zelda look after Jak for the aftermath.

March 2010 Edit

  • 01 ◘ Zelda seeks out Razer for Damas.
  • 03 ◘ Zelda reports back to Damas. [Threads with Zeke, Damas, Keats, and Kevas.]
  • 05 ◘ Little Zelda! [Threads with Zeke, Duke Alla, Keats, and Kate.]

April 2010 Edit

  • 01 ◘ Sheik is displeased with Zelda's tolerance. [Threads with Razer, Zelda {TP}, and Nabooru.]
  • 22 ◘ Sheik foretells the future with Jennifer's appearance. [Thread with Zeke.]
  • 29 ◘ The ship arrives on land and Zelda is thrilled. [Threads with Link {WW}, Zeke, Zelda {TP}, Kevas, Tachikoma, and Jak.]

May 2010 Edit

[IRL hit Zelda's player very, very hard for this month and Zelda and Sheik were pretty much absent for the entire month. Nothing here for you to see. Move along.]

June 2010 Edit

[And IRL wasn't done. Zelda/Sheik (and Mako, as a consequence) was out for the entirety of June.]

July 2010 Edit

  • 01 ◘ Zelda's update is remarkably concise. [Threads with Zeke, Roll, Nabooru, Kevas, Hakoda, Sarea, Jak, and Link {WW}.]
  • 03 ◘ Zelda spies Gideon doing some present hunting. She goes to lend a hand.

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